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Downloads and Tools

File Name File Description Version Number File Size Download Link
Follow POS Main Install Primary download to install the main program. Don't forget to download and install the upgrade located below before initial setup of store. Please visit our demo download guide if this is your first time. Orig. 66MB Download
Follow POS Upgrade Use this file to download the latest version of the software.
Requires you to exit Follow POS before upgrading.
3.92 34MB Download
Sumatra PDF This will allow you to view reports without locking the reports. -- -- Download
ODBC 32bit Driver ODBC 32 Bit SQL Native 11 Driver -- -- Download
ODBC 64bit Driver ODBC 64 Bit SQL Native 11 Driver -- -- Download
Report Viewer This small file will allow you to view the loads of reports built directly into Follow POS -- -- Download
AnyDesk Remote Software AnyDesk allows Vivaldi Technical Support to assist you remotely via the Internet. Please follow this guide to install the software. 2.0 1.2MB Download
Star TSP100 Drivers The Star TSP100 thermal ticket/receipt printer is a certified printer used by most new point of sale systems and is one Vivaldi Systems highly recommends. Head over to their website for more information. -- -- Download
Star SP700 Drivers The Star SP700, which is what most consider an impact printer, is primarily used for tags as part of Vivaldi Systems and is one that we highly recommend. -- -- Download
Virtual Keyboard A free, lightweight, multilingual and finger friendly virtual on-screen keyboard. -- -- Download
Follow POS Manual This is the User Guide for Follow POS, which gets you started with the software. -- 2MB Download
Epson TM-T88x Driver This link will redirect you to the Epson webpage where the latest Epson TM ticket printer drivers are located. -- -- Redirect
Epson Printer Drivers This link will redirect you to the Epson Printer Driver homepage. -- -- Redirect