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Software and Features

You is one plan to choose from. 1. Pay the Installation/Training up front with a setup charge of $495.00 per store and $9.95 a month. or 2. Pay just $9.95 a month per store. This includes unlimited computers accessing that store for no additional charge. You can have 2 , 3 , 4, etc stations at your store for just one monthly fee and have a computer at home or laptop that you take on the road. This also include any laptops or tablets you might want to take on the road for delivery.
No! just the monthly fee of $9.95 or $9.95 per store. This also includes 1 hours of phone support per month for free. Additional tech support is $12.95 per 30 min increment.
Yes, we support the Star SP700 Impact tag printer. It must be USB and will need to be filled with Computer 3" tag roll paper from
You will be send a paypal invoice to pay on line each month. Or you can just go the packages link on the website and press the buy now button under the plan you have. ($9.95 or $9.95)
There is an upgrade link on the website. Jus click the upgrade link and Open then unzip. Make sure the program is closed on the computer you are upgrading. Each station must be upgraded seperately.


Follow POS Support primarily the Star TSP100 Thermal Printer, make sure to get USB printers in that new computers only have those connections.
We recommend the faster the better. At least 5 upload and 5 download is preferred. DSL or Fios. Also make sure to use wired internet if possible. Wireless is always slower.
Follow POS can use Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 and can support 32 or 64 bit. Any computer that support these operating systems will work. We recommend at least 2 gig or Ram and at least 50 gig of Harddrive space available.


Training and installation is all done remotely using a programing called that allows our techs to control your computer anywhere in the world. You get 2 hours of remote and phone training with a tech for each store. Also you get free unlimited email questions as well as online training videos.