Credit Card Processing / X-Charge Integration

Credit Card Processing is integrated into Follow POS allowing you to connect to the X-Charge credit card processing network. X-Charge links to your bank's merchant account --immediately depositing your credit card charges to your bank. It also links to the Vivaldi delivery system and the accounts receivable modules, allowing automatic charges monthly.

Language and Screen Name Customization

Follow POS has the ability to modify the language on most screens according to the region you're in. With it, not only can you change the names of each buttons on the main menu based on different terminology of your region, but you can't now ditch presets of other systems. You now have complete freedom.

Location Assigning and Marking Tickets Ready

Assigning Location and Mark Tickets Ready comes standard with the software, allowing you to assign tickets or items to a rack location. With Marking Tickets Ready, you can skip the assign location module and straight into moving tickets from the "In Process" status to "Ready."

Integrated Calendar

A virtual calendar works seemless while you're writing/printing a ticket and picking up a ticket, so no more noisy pop-ups interfering with your workspace. Now you can get things done faster and easier than ever before.

Accounts Receivable

We've redefined how the Accounts Receivable into a sophisticated version. With it, you can check and add customer invoices, make payments via cash or check, make credit card payments, and view and print 15 or 30 day statements directly from the window..

Route and Delivery Management

Integrated Route system allowing you to manage multiple routes and multiple trucks. The route system includes automatic integration to the Automated Credit Card Process and Account Receivable. Includes special price lists to individualize customer / route pricing as well as Hotel Valet and Wholesale delivery.

Coupon Management

Create Coupons, Discounts and Gift Cards that can be added to any ticket, automatically deducting from the ticket total. This feature makes calculating Discounts for special customers easy and accurate. The Coupon manager allows you to track coupons and marketing campaigns to not only give you accurate ticket totals but monitor campaign effectiveness.

Wholesale Accounts

On Follow, you have the option to set up wholesale accounts to customers by just going to the Customer Management window. In it you can modify customer information, set parent default classes, set general ledger, and set discounts (if there are any).

Multi-Level Pricing

With Follow POS, you can now have different price lists for different types of clients. You can treat wholesale customers with a different price list compared to someone like a local hotel you're doing business with. Or you may have a completely different list for those loyal customers that have been coming to your store consistenly. All can be modified under the Customer Management.

Forced and Optional Upcharges

Vivaldi gives you the ability to create upcharges and sub items that automatically appear after selection of an item. Force upcharges are the backbone of increasing your total sales by guaranteeing your counter employees are accurately pricing tickets giving you maximum income.

Cashdrawer Management

The Vivaldi System replaces the Cash Drawer in your store. This system manages the cash intake and output on a daily basis, manages starting cash, sales, change, coupons, credit cards, checks, accounts receivable and Z out reports at the end of the day and shift.

Time Card Manager

Vivaldi includes a menu link to a 3rd part Time Card Manager allowing you to track all your employee's timecards, hours, vacation and payroll totals.

Hotel and Agency Management

Vivaldi includes the ability to manage multiple Hotels with special prices and item lists as well as Account and Delivery reporting needs. The integrated Hotel Valet Module includes the ability to print special tickets, Hotel Account Statements, Hotel Comp Reports and integrated financial processes.

Store Management

Vivaldi is an Enterprise Store System, whether you have one store or many you can manage each location from anywhere in the world with internet access. Each store's data is centrally located on the Cloud or at your main office allowing you to connect to any store to create and lookup tickets, customers or run reports at any time at any place.

Customer Management

Vivaldi not only gives you an integrated data system to centralize your customer data such as names, addresses, email address but also includes customer preferences, accounting, financial information and delivery data. Each customer is entered once and all activity is tracked using the customer account. Vivaldi allows you lookup any customer tickets, account balances, preferences, detailed transaction history, loyalty information and marketing data.

Integrated Dashboard

The Vivaldi integrated Dashboard allows you to visually see your enterprise store data at a glance. The Dashboard includes a bar chart displaying sales and production data on each of your enterprise stores.

Access System from Home

Where there is internet there is Vivaldi. Vivaldi Cloud has a centralized database architecture allowing any Windows computer with the client installed to access your store data live as if you were in the store. You can run reports from anywhere in the world as well as view reports, write tickets, edit tickets, and add and edit customers. Anything you can do in the store you can not do anywhere in the world.

Networked Multistation

Vivaldi Store license includes unlimited stations. Simply connect another computer to the internet and download the client and you are ready to go. Vivaldi does not include a per station cost. Once you have purchased Vivaldi for a store you may add as many stations at the location or offsite that you need.

Marketing Analysis

Follow POS includes many marketing modules allowing you to capture the 10 % of your customers that create 90% of your income. The system includes the ability to send marketing emails to new customers, absent customers, pickup reminders and export to Constant Contact and Mail Chimp for Business newsletters and coupons.

Batch Billing

For Delivery, wholesale and Accounts Receivable batch billing is always an option. Delivery customers can be batch processed with Credit Cards or automatically transferred to the integrated Accounts Receivable module. The AR Module also allows for batch processing of total AR Balances to customers with Credit Cards on file.

Automatic Credit Card Payment

Integrated PCI compliant Credit Card Processing built into the Vivaldi Point of Sale System. Internet based Processing eliminating the need for additional phone lines or rental of additional equipment. Credit Card Processing with no contract and competitive rates.

Automatic Archiving of Old Tickets and Storage

Vivaldi Cloud is build on a SQL Service database with high levels of security and stability. This data base is automatically backed up for you making sure your data is protected and secure at all times. Never worry about a server going down your data will always be available.

Quick Tickets

For Quick in and out of customers Vivaldi includes the Quick Ticket function allowing you to select a customer, enter the number of items and date of pickup then print. Itemizing the ticket can be done at a later time by just editing the ticket. This allows you to quickly handle the busy times and itemize at the counter during slower.

List of Various Reports

Report Type Description
Customer Reports There is now a multitude of different customer reports. Choose from Listing, Email, Ticket, Ticket Location, and Account Customer Reports.
Ticket Reports Choose from a list of 13 different Ticket Reports available on the Reports menu of the software.
Cashbox Reports Cashbox History, Cashbox by Payment Type, and End of Day History Reports are available under the Reports menu of the software.
Sales Summary Reports You can now inspect from a multitude of different sales reports. Class Sales Summary, Class Cash Summary, Sales Summary by Day, and Sales Summary by Item Reports are the four avaiable under the Reports menu.
Inventory and Conveyor Reports Includes reports: Current Inventory Location Report, Inventory by Day Report, Slot by # Report, Slot by Name Report, and Slot by Date Slotted Report.
Marketing Reports Marketing Reports include: Customers Sales over $500, Customer with over 100 Tickets, Loyalty Customers, Absent Customers Report, Customer Email Marketing Report, VIP Customers, and New Customers.
Route and Delivery Reports Route Delivery Reports include three main featured and quick access reports such as Customers by Route, Delivery Pickup, and a schedule of your delivery routes.
Hotel Valet Reports Now you have a variety of reports for Hotel Management such as Hotel Listings, Hotel Delivery, and Hotel Information reports.
Item Management Reports Items also get reports of their own too! You can view the Sales Summary by Item Report, Item Price List, Subitem Report, Upcharge Report, and Price Level Item Report.
Accounts Receivable Reports Finally, you can view and print your AR Statements, you Invoice Listing Report by Day, and Account Customers, all from the convenience of the Reports menu.

Technical Specifications

Pentium Dual Core Processor
Operating System:
32bit or 64 bit on Windows XP, 7, or 10
2GB of Random Access Memory (RAM)
Hard Drive:
500MB minimum space
Internet Speed:
DSL speeds required. Fiber optic (Verizon FIOS) speeds recommended.
Screen Resolution:
Display with 1600-by-900 resolution or higher (for bottom dashboard to display appropriately)