Follow POS introduces an advanced new interface, endless reports (both simple and advanced), and powerful tools designed for new and current point of sale users.

Fluid Main Menu

Influenced by the new Windows layout called Follow, Follow POS includes a visual experience unlike any other Point of Sale system. The new window is scalable and can fit virtually on any new monitor allowing you (the user) to focus primarily on the task at hand and not be clouded by nonsense windows. Everything now is easy access to what you most need.

Writing and Editing Tickets

Writing a ticket has never been easier. With a new layout for writing tickets, everything you've ever wanted to modify is all in one screen. You can pick your classes, add items, scan UPC code items, add forced and optional upcharges, add alterations, and view customer information change to different customers directly on there.

Pick Up Tickets

In the new Pickup Window, you now have a list of features that make your experience that much simple. You now have filter buttons that refresh the tickets you most need if you're completing a large order. On the pickup window you have all the options you've ever wanted from adding a payment via cash, credit, check, or on account buttons.

Customer Search and Management

With Customer Search you're able to search any customer and also manage the customer's information and cleaning preferences. From here you can also print out AR statements and full customer reports featuring all customer's detailed transactions.


Imagine never having to worry about your computer dying and loosing your entire database. Follow Cloud version resolves just that. Your data would be located on the cloud (on a server located at a hosting company). With it, you can access, backup, and manage your store/s from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. You can basically do anything you do regularly, but now from the convenience of your home or on the road. You can change prices, run reports, look up rickets, see live production, etc... All for $9.95 a month.


If you're one of those people who like store the old classic feel and experience of a point of sale system and not run a system off the internet, then Follow POS also offers a local database version of the software without sacrificing the features you'll get with the cloud version.

Fully Customizable

Other than customizing your main screen by changing the color of screen using the dropdown button on the top left section of the main screen, -- now you can choose a color that fits your work personality -- we have giving your the freedom of changing the names of header names of the buttons based on your terminology. This works great for changing to the language of your choice.

Not Just a Dry Cleaning Software

Although Follow POS was designed to work primarily for dry cleaning businesses, that doesn't mean it can't handle the non-dry cleaning related tasks that come with any point of sale software. We have built Follow from the ground up to act as a regular point of sale software -- meaning that you can now scan your off-the-counter products like a bag of chips or coffee and add them onto the same ticket.

More Reports Than You Can Count

Some of the biggest requests that we've gotten is to add more reports and make the customizable. We've answered by adding a plethora of reports that solves your problem. From customer reports to hotel valet reports and from marketing reports to accounts receivable reports, there's a report that responds to your every need. Check out our list of reports on our features page.

Full-featured Dashboard

With our new featured dashboard, which updates real time with information on processed tickets and items, overdue items and tickets, picked-up tickets, you can now easily monitor any current task during your workday. Go and check it out by installing the demo.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Integrated PCI compliant Credit Card Processing built into the Vivaldi Point of Sale System. Internet based Processing eliminating the need for additional phone lines or rental of additional equipment. Credit Card Processing with no contract and competitive rates.

Multiple Users and Security Access

Follow POS is more secure than ever. You can manage as many users as you want -- giving certain users more access than others (like a counterperson vs a manager)

Email Marketing

With the help of the built-in reports, Follow POS allows you to export your own CSV file containing your customers, which you can then use to import into the email marketing provider of your choice (like Constant Contact or MailChimp). You can then email specials or coupons to your customers.

Works With Your Hardware

Currently have a working USB Ticket or Tag printer? Not a problem! We support your current hardware, whether that'd be a ticket printer you bought a week ago or one that you bought 6 years ago. Either way, we most likely support it. We also currently have new Star Ticket and Tag printers available. Go and check them out!

Only $495* Only This Month

*$9.95 per month thereafter.